Glorifying Rape in India

India Girl

Recent developments in Indian concerning women and rape have brought to the fore a deeply-ingrained problem. It is not that women were not being sexually violated in the past; it is increased societal awareness and the concomitant mass action that reveal the rot in society. The Indian society has always had a problem with granting women their rights as well as treating them with respect.

Numbers don’t lie

One is tempted to ask, like one writer posed in More, “Is India the rape capital of the world?” Did you know that a third of rape victims in India are below 18 years? A woman gets raped in India after every 20 minutes! Between 2009 and 2011, 68,000 cases of rape were reported in the country.

Annual Rape Festival

The Annual New Delhi Rape Festival has a prize of US$1,000,000. When a 6-15 year old girl is asked to run so that mature men can run after her and defile her for fun, how do we consider that a society that values women?

Raping Women in Buses

The world listened and watched with consternation the unfortunate event of a woman who was raped in a public service bus. The rapists committed this atrocity against an innocent lady and executed their evil with so much brutality that one would have thought they knew her personally.

Many more cases

There is no end to the cases of rape that emanate from India. There are stories of young girls being raped and then hanged. Recently, a 74 year-old nun was raped by six men. This epitomizes a deeper problem than that which courts and jails can solve. When analyzing these cases, it is important to remember that the reported ones are a very small percentage of actual occurrences.



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