Digital Career Training

Digital Career Training 2023

Registration is now open for the Alaafia Digital Career Training program, available from today until August 25th. This program, offered at no cost, requires participants to dedicate 10 hours per week. Spanning 12 weeks, the training is delivered virtually through our e-learning portal, accessible at

Interested individuals can register at

Please note that this program is specifically for residents of Milwaukee who identify as a minority. We strongly encourage applications from individuals with disabilities and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

At Alaafia, we are dedicated to making resources available to enhance life quality, understanding that acquiring digital skills can be difficult for many. Our digital training classes are targeted towards individuals aged 18 and above, focusing especially on those who have faced limited opportunities in the digital realm.

Our program aims to equip participants with essential digital career skills, enhancing their employability. This initiative seeks to empower them with knowledge and career opportunities that promote financial stability and independence. We are committed to fostering our clients’ growth by providing transformative economic engagement opportunities.

After successfully finishing all ten courses, participants will be awarded a Digital Media certification. If you complete individual courses, you will receive specific certificates for each one. The courses offered are:

Graphics Design (emphasis on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)

Video Editing (using Adobe Premiere)

Social Media Management

Podcast Production

Content Creation


Web Design

UI/UX Design

Resume Writing

Basic Computing

Join this exciting initiative to narrow the digital skills gap and open the door to a more promising future!

Digital Career Training – 2022

The Alaafia Digital Career Training program is completely free and requires a weekly commitment of 10 hours over a duration of 10 weeks. Participants are eligible for a tax-free stipend of up to $1200-1500, which does not affect government benefits. Additional benefits include

a free bus pass,

Uber transportation for individuals with chronic diseases and

meals provided during training sessions.

To register, please visit

Alaafia is committed to providing access to resources that enhance life quality. We recognize that acquiring digital skills can be challenging for many, which is why we offer digital training classes for individuals aged 21 and above. This program is specifically designed to help those with limited opportunities in the digital world.

We aim to equip participants with essential digital career skills to improve their employability, offering them pathways to financial stability and independence. We focus on empowering participants with knowledge and career opportunities.

This initiative is part of our broader goal to provide transformative economic engagement opportunities. The success of this project will enable us to expand our programs, offering even more robust opportunities for residents to engage in and benefit from economic development activities.

Video Editing 

IT Training 

Graphic Design 

Social Media Management 

Content Creation


Copy Editing 


Basic Computing

Use the hashtags #digitaltraining and #digitaljobs to spread the word.

Alaafia is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, meaning all donations are tax-deductible (Registered No 84-4761643). 

For more information or assistance, contact them at their hotline: 414-432-3555, email:, or visit their website: