Digital Media Training

Alaafia Digital Media Training is Free.

Required Hours Weekly – 25-29 hours. 

Training Duration – 10 Weeks.

A Tax-Free Stipend and it won’t affect your government benefit – $2900.

Free Bus Pass.

Uber Transportation for people with Chronic Disease.

Food for participants during the Training.

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Alaafia believes everyone should have access to resources promoting a better quality of life. 
Acquiring digital skills remains a challenge for many. AAFRC will be providing digital training classes for ages 21 years and up in the areas of:

Video Editing 

Website Design and Development 

IT Training 

Graphic Design 

Social Media Management 

Content Creation and Management 



Copy Editing 

Proposal and Resuming Writing 

Digital Media Marketing 

Public Relations 

Project Management

Virtual Customer Service 

Customer Service 

Personal Healthcare 

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Alaafia is a Registered 501(c)(3).

All donations are tax-deductible.

Registered No 84-4761643.

Hotline- 414-432-3555

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