Digital Career Training

Digital Career Training 2023

Registration is now open for the Alaafia Digital Career Training, which will run from today until August 25th

The Alaafia Digital Career Training program is free of charge and requires a commitment of 10 hours per week.

The training will last for 12 weeks and will be conducted virtually through our e-learning portal at

To register for this program, please visit the following link:

Kindly note that participants must reside in Milwaukee and identify as a minority.

We strongly encourage individuals with disabilities and survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence to apply.

At Alaafia, we believe that everyone should have access to resources that enhance their quality of life. Unfortunately, acquiring digital skills can be challenging for many individuals. Therefore, we are offering digital training classes for individuals aged 18 years and above, specifically focusing on those with limited opportunities in the digital world.

Our program aims to provide essential digital career training to help improve employability, empowering participants with knowledge and career prospects that promote financial stability and independence. We are committed to supporting our client’s growth by offering transformative economic engagement opportunities.

Upon completion of all ten courses listed below, participants will receive a certification in Digital Media.

Alternatively, completing individual courses will result in certificates specific to each course.

List of Courses:

  1. Graphics Design (focusing on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)
  2. Video Editing (focusing on Adobe Premiere)
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Podcast Production
  5. Content Creation
  6. Writing
  7. Web Design
  8. UI/UX Design
  9. Resume Writing
  10. Basic Computing

Join us in this exciting initiative to bridge the digital skills gap and pave the way for a brighter future!

Digital Career Training – 2022

Alaafia Digital Career Training is Free.

Required Hours Weekly – 25-29 hours. 

Training Duration – 10 Weeks.

A Tax-Free Stipend and it won’t affect your government benefits up to $2900.

Free Bus Pass.

Uber Transportation for People with Chronic Disease.

Food for participants during the Training.

Please visit this link to register

Alaafia believes everyone should have access to resources promoting a better quality of life. 
Acquiring digital skills remains a challenge for many. Alaafia will be providing digital training classes for ages 21 years and up in the areas of:

This program aims to provide digital career training to individuals that have fewer opportunities in the digital world.

The training will provide the necessary technical training and resources for individuals to improve employability, knowing they have options for building financial stability. The goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and career opportunities that will assist them in their independence.

We provide more robust opportunities for residents to continue to engage with and participate in transformative economic engagement work.

The success of this project will support the growth of our programs so we may provide more robust opportunities for residents to continue to engage with and participate in transformative economic engagement work.

Video Editing 

Website Design

Website Development

IT Training 

Graphic Design 

Digital Media Marketing 

Social Media Management 

Content Creation Management 


Marketing and Public Relations 

Copy Editing 

Project Management

Grant Writing

Resume Writing 

Please visit this link to register

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