Technical Assistance Support

This initiative is designed to empower African immigrants and individuals with sickle cell disease by providing them with essential technical assistance, support, and resources to manage their small businesses successfully. The services offered include:

Technical Assistance and Training: This component covers various topics like financial management, marketing, and customer service, delivered through in-person workshops, online training programs, and personalized coaching sessions.

Business Incubation and Mentorship: Participants will benefit from a nurturing environment to support their business growth, including access to office space, equipment, technology, and guidance from experienced business leaders through mentorship and coaching.

Access to Funding: Recognizing the challenges in securing funding, the program will facilitate access to financial opportunities like loans and grants, enabling individuals to start and expand their businesses.

Networking Opportunities: The program will offer networking platforms for participants to connect with other small business owners, fostering relationships that could lead to new business ventures and collaborations.

In conclusion, this program is aimed at providing African immigrants and those living with sickle cell disease who are small business owners with comprehensive technical support.

By offering assistance and training, incubation and mentorship, funding access, and networking opportunities, we aspire to help these entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses, thereby contributing to their communities’ economic growth and development.

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