What We Do

What We Do

We engage in several awareness campaigns and community activities that will impact immigrant families in some positive ways and empower them to be leaders in their communities.

Our Services including

Domestic Violence Resources

Sexual Assault, Hassarament and Misconduct Resources

Human Trafficking Resources

Sickle Cell Resources

We provide resources referrals such as




Food Pantry

Legal Assistance and many other referrals.

Training Programs

We provide training engagements and education on issues affecting various African cultures.

We provide mentorship for women looking to get in the right direction with care training and workshops.

We go beyond and above by reaching African immigrants in prison who need​s counseling.

Our Awareness Campaigns Project educates families by raising awareness on issues affecting them.

These campaigns aim to inform the community on how to get help if one of these issues affects them.

It will allow families to know they have options regardless of the situation; they find themselves in.

List of our Awareness Campaign Topics

Mental Health

Child Marriage

Women in Politics

Educating a Girl Child

Cyber Bullying

Reproductive Health Education


Heart Disease

Period Poverty

Child’s Malnutrition

Cultural Differences


Gender Equity

Commercial Sex Workers Advocacy

Sexual Violence

Breast Cancer

War Conflict

Teenage Pregnancy

Human Rights

Human Trafficking

Community Outreach

Our community outreach projects aim to educate families to empower themselves by using various resources to solve issues affecting their daily lives.

We organize community outreach programs, including conferences, seminars, sanitizations, and walks.

Sexual Harassment Training

AAFRC seeks to ensure safety in the workplace; with this factor in mind, we provide training on workplace harassment and how to prevent it to other organizations.

This training involves defining harassment by explaining scenarios and incidents in a simple form for every staff to understand the underlying risk of harassing someone, its consequences, and its effects.

Other Programs

Facebook Educational Sessions.

Gathering of personal care items for women and girls.

Donation drives.



Mentorship Session

Mother a Girl.

Group Meetings.

We have several events to raise funds and educate the community.

List of our Fundraising Activities.

AAFRC Official Launching

International Conference

International Youth Conference

Fashion Display

Mocktail Corner

Banquet for Girls

Tech Presentation for Girls

Tea or Coffee, which is best for you

Quarterly Cultural Session

Women’s Documentary Screening

Luncheon Sale

Peach Carpet

Choose your Mentor

Pin a friend

Purple Agenda

Games Day

Secret Admirer

The Highest Bidder for the most significant item

Motivation Moment

Green Refresh

AAFRC Competition

AAFRC Competition encourages less privileged immigrant children to put more effort into their education and confidence to achieve their goals, plus empower themselves for a better tomorrow.

This project aims to create a forum for these children to showcase their talent and identify their potential.

This is an opportunity for children with the set skills to develop and nurture them professionally.

This project will address the problem of insufficient resources or lack of direction.

We have created various competitions to encourage girls to improve their potential.

List of our Competitions

Essay competition for best-written essays on African immigrant issues, the winner will have a prize.

Drawing competition

Stage Play


Motivational Speaking

App Designing

Creating ideas for Business or Event