What We Do

What We Do at Alaafia

At Alaafia, we are dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of African immigrant families and individuals affected by Sickle Cell disease through a comprehensive range of social services, awareness initiatives, and community engagement projects.

Our Services Include:

Support for Domestic Violence and Sexual Misconduct: Providing resources and assistance for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct.

Combatting Human Trafficking: Offering services and resources to support victims of human trafficking.

Healthcare and Mental Health Support: Assisting in navigating healthcare services and providing mental health support.

Sickle Cell Disease Resources: Supplying information and support for those affected by Sickle Cell disease.

Career and Personal Development: Offering mentoring and workshops to African immigrants seeking career guidance and personal growth.

Resource Referral Programs:

We connect individuals with essential services, including healthcare, shelter and housing, food pantry access, legal assistance, and more.

Training Programs:

Our training initiatives for organizations and individuals focus on:

Prevention and awareness in areas such as sexual misconduct, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

Career training in digital media for families impacted by Sickle Cell Disease and economic hardships.

Training on diversity, systemic bias, and cultural competency.

Education about African cultures and traditions.

Community Outreach and Awareness Campaigns:

Our outreach efforts aim to empower families with knowledge and resources to address challenges, with campaigns focusing on proactively:

Mental health, reproductive health education, and prevention of child marriage.

We are raising awareness on critical issues like cyberbullying, FGM, heart disease, and more, including sexual violence, breast cancer, and human trafficking.

Additional Programs and Initiatives:

Educational Sessions: Utilizing platforms like Facebook to educate and engage the community.

Support Drives: Organizing drives for personal care items, donations, and more.

Workshops, Conferences, and Mentorship: Facilitating learning and development through various forums.

Alaafia Competition: Encouraging underprivileged immigrant children to engage in educational and creative pursuits, from essay writing to cooking and app design, fosters confidence and empowerment.

Through these diverse efforts, Alaafia is committed to nurturing supportive environments that foster health, safety, and growth for African immigrants and those affected by Sickle Cell disease.