Hero Award

The Hero’s Award is bestowed upon individuals who have accomplished exceptional feats, extending beyond the realms of education, business, finance, or employment. It’s not contingent upon fame or monumental achievements but rather celebrates their innate extraordinariness.

This category encompasses Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, who bravely share their stories and identify their perpetrators.

These remarkable individuals could be found anywhere, from market vendors to women from all walks of life. They are trailblazers who have shattered conventions, accomplishing feats once deemed implausible. These are survivors who have triumphed against the odds, emerging victorious.

Alaafia will meticulously evaluate the background of each nominated individual, ultimately honoring those who have broken through barriers with exceptional resilience.

Kindly complete the form below or email us at info@alaafiaafrc.org, providing details about your nominated candidate.

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