Alaafia is actively seeking both financial contributions and non-perishable items to channel into the community through our outreach projects, multimedia programs, campaigns, competitions, and events.

Rest assured, every donation Alaafia receives will be dedicated solely to enhancing the impact of our programs.

Type of Donations

Contribute Financially to support any of our awareness campaigns, community outreach efforts, and competition programs.

Support our Multimedia Project, encompassing Social Media Campaigns, Videos, Public Awareness Seminars, and Documentaries.

Be a Sponsor for the Alaafia Digital Hub initiative.

Join as a Sponsor for our Mobile Apps Project.

Empower a Girl in an African country through Scholarship.

Extend Kindness to a single mother during occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the start of the school year.

Help Fulfill the wishes of sick children.

Champion our Sex Education and Reproductive Health program for both girls and boys.

Back our Scholarship or Training initiatives.

Please participate in our Gift Program by donating.

Contribute items such as gift cards, non-perishable goods, clothing, feminine products, furniture, beauty products, and more.

Bring forth your own innovative ideas and sponsor them.

Should you wish to donate, please reach out to us via email at