Alaafia Speak Up

Alaafia Speak Up presents a unique opportunity to learn about the impactful work Alaafia is doing for African women in Wisconsin and to celebrate the remarkable achievements of African immigrant women and women living with Sickle Cell in the state.

This event serves as a platform for Wisconsin women to share their stories of survival, perseverance, and triumph while emphasizing the ongoing need for advocacy for women’s rights.

The event aims to inspire women facing obstacles on their path to success. During the event, Alaafia will conduct electronic surveys for audience members to complete, providing valuable feedback and insights.

These surveys will be available on our website and emailed to all registered attendees. Following the event, Alaafia plans to hold a post-event discussion with presenters to assess the effectiveness of Alaafia Speak Up.

For those interested in the Alaafia Speak Up Event, please get in touch with