Alaafia Initiative

The Alaafia Initiative is dedicated to providing culturally tailored support and services for African immigrants and those living with Sickle Cell affected by sexual or domestic violence.

We’re rolling out a wide array of resources, both virtually in-person and anchored by a 24/7 support line through calls, texts, and chats.

Our mission is to be a crucial bridge for African immigrants and individuals with Sickle Cell facing domestic or sexual violence, linking them effortlessly with essential services like shelters, hospitals, legal systems, social services, and law enforcement.

We’re committed to smoothing the path for survivors, attending swiftly to their urgent needs for transportation, sustenance, clothing, and interim housing until they can transition to long-term solutions.

Moreover, Alaafia is launching various community outreach and educational initiatives to spotlight the issues of domestic and sexual violence.

Our strategy is designed to empower individuals and cultivate a community that’s inherently safer for all. With a specialized network of domestic and sexual violence providers in Wisconsin focused on the needs of the African immigrant population, we include Support Groups and Mobile Advocacy Support teams, ensuring survivors have immediate access to the support they need right in their own neighborhoods.

In addition, Alaafia is set to offer targeted training and technical assistance to DV/SA service providers, enhancing the availability of culturally appropriate sexual and domestic violence services.

Through this initiative, we aim to boost awareness about the resources at hand and guarantee easy access to necessary support for those in need.

Our Comprehensive Services

24-Hour Support Line: Available round the clock, our call, text, and chat line ensures that help is just a message or phone call away whenever needed.

Personalized Assistance: From first contact, survivors are guided through a seamless connection to essential services. Whether it’s transportation, immediate shelter, food, clothing, or temporary housing, we’re here to ensure your urgent needs are met promptly and with compassion.

Legal and Social Services Navigation: Our dedicated team assists survivors in navigating the complexities of legal, medical, and social services. From court appearances to hospital visits and interactions with law enforcement, we stand by you every step of the way.

Empowerment Through Education and Outreach

We believe in the power of awareness and education to prevent violence and empower individuals. Our community outreach programs aim to foster a safer, more informed community. Through workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, we strive to shine a light on the issues of domestic and sexual violence, promoting a culture of respect and safety for all.

Building a Supportive Network

Understanding the importance of community, Alaafia is committed to establishing a robust network of domestic and sexual violence providers. This network, focused on serving the Wisconsin African immigrant community, includes:

Support Groups: A safe space for sharing experiences and healing together.

Mobile Advocacy Support: Ensuring survivors have access to the help they need right in their community.

Culturally Specific Training

To enhance the effectiveness of our services, Alaafia offers training and technical assistance programs for service providers. This ensures that our network is well-equipped to deliver culturally sensitive support and services, meeting African immigrants and Sickle Cell survivors’ unique needs.

Culturally Tailored Counseling and Referral to External Mental Health Services.

For African immigrant survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, the journey toward healing and empowerment is deeply personal and can be profoundly influenced by one’s cultural background. Recognizing this, our approach to support integrates culturally tailored counseling and facilitates referrals to external mental health services that honor and understand the diverse cultural contexts of each individual we serve.

Culturally Tailored Counseling

Our counseling services are designed to meet the unique needs of DV/SA survivors from various African cultural backgrounds. For healing to be effective, it must resonate with the survivor’s cultural identity and experiences. Our counselor is trained in trauma-informed care and cultural competency, ensuring they can provide sensitive and relevant support to each survivor’s cultural context. This approach helps create a safe space where survivors feel understood, respected, and empowered to navigate their healing journey.

Our goal is to ensure that every survivor has access to the mental health support that best aligns with their cultural beliefs and personal preferences, facilitating a more meaningful and effective healing process.

Career rehabilitation, employment training, and job placement

Career rehabilitation, employment training, and job placement assistance form a crucial triad of services aimed at empowering survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault with the tools, skills, and opportunities to rebuild their lives professionally and achieve economic independence. This comprehensive approach addresses the complex challenges survivors face in the workforce, helping them navigate their career paths with confidence and success.

Career Rehabilitation

Career rehabilitation is tailored to help DV/SA survivors overcome the professional setbacks and challenges that often accompany their experiences. 

Employment Training

Employment training programs are designed to equip survivors with the necessary skills and qualifications to enter or re-enter the workforce. 

Job Placement Assistance

Job placement assistance is a critical component that bridges the gap between skill acquisition and employment. This service connects survivors with job opportunities matching their skills, interests, and career goals. It involves partnerships with employers committed to creating inclusive and supportive work environments and ongoing support for survivors as they transition into new roles. 

Digital Vocational Career Training

Alaafia is dedicated to breaking down barriers disproportionately affecting disabled individuals and communities of color through vocational and technical training. Our comprehensive approach includes a wide range of in-person and online training programs geared toward nurturing vocational and technical skills. One of our flagship initiatives, the Digital Media Training Program, is tailored to offer digital career training to those facing disadvantages in the digital realm. This initiative is specifically geared towards individuals with disabilities, those living with sickle cell disease, African immigrants, survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and their families.