About Us


Alaafia serves as a safe space, offering empowerment, resources and assistance to African immigrant families, as well as those affected by Sickle Cell or any individuals in search of support services.

Within this environment, individuals are encouraged to openly express their concerns about matters that impact them, finding solace in sharing their thoughts.

Alaafia is committed to identifying optimal solutions for these challenges by utilizing diverse community resources and striving to address issues most effectively.


Established in 2015, Alaafia is a culturally specific organization founded by a collective of African immigrants. Their shared aspiration was to positively impact the lives of fellow immigrant families grappling with challenges related to Sexual/Domestic Violence and Sickle Cell.

The founders envision a platform where African immigrant and Sickle Cell families can exercise their voices, actively participating in discussions concerning their well-being. This is achieved through the means of storytelling and educational initiatives.

The name remains the cornerstone of our organization, holding significance even in the present day. Our goal is to extend tranquility and assurance to African immigrant and Sickle Cell families facing diverse challenges, achieved through our organization’s array of services and resources.

Alaafia stands as the exclusive culturally specific organization in Wisconsin that offers Digital Career Training to its clientele.

Our Mission

Alaafia’s mission is to ensure that every African immigrant and Sickle Cell person has access to the necessary services and personal development tools within their community.

Our Core Values 


Financial Independence 



Our Vision
Our vision aspires to eradicate all forms of abuse and discrimination faced by African immigrants and Sickle Cell families.

To reinforce this vision, Alaafia has diligently created online videos promoting empowerment and leadership among families.

Vision in Action
Our organization is dedicated to fostering gender equality and closing the pay gap for women across all opportunities we encounter.

Alaafia is committed to empowering African immigrant and Sickle Cell families to achieve financial independence.

We aim to establish the most extensive network for African immigrants, fostering connectivity and support.

We actively advocate for increased female representation in leadership roles.

Alaafia provides essential sex education to both boys and girls.

We educate African immigrants about their rights and inform them where to seek help when necessary.

Above all, we strongly encourage regular health checkups within the African immigrant community.

Alaafia places a high value on Respect. We take pride in respecting various cultures and beliefs, even if we don’t personally practice them. This principle remains unwavering as long as no harm is inflicted on anyone.

We openly denounce individuals who mistreat or belittle women and girls.

Monetary contributions are collected to facilitate meaningful events for our clients.

Diversity is our foremost priority.

We actively block anyone who attempts to undermine our core values, preventing their participation in our community.

We extend sponsorship programs to girls, empowering them to create apps or organize events for their peers.

Our Aims and Objectives
Alaafia is dedicated to inspiring families to achieve self-reliance, driven by a vision to create a better society. We persistently strive for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Advocacy
Furthermore, Alaafia takes pride in advocating for our clients.

We foster open discussions with teenagers, covering topics such as the importance of education, the consequences of early pregnancy, the use of birth control, and regular medical checkups.

Our advocacy initiatives also educate families about the transformative potential of technology in their lives. We highlight its role in combating violence and addressing issues like cyberbullying and cyber-trafficking.

Our Prime Project

Alaafia’s expanded program is tailored to cater to the needs of the Sickle Cell community. This endeavor bears the name “Strength in Sickle Cell.”

Alaafia serves as Wisconsin’s comprehensive Sickle Cell resource hub, your go-to destination for support and information.”

The project is centered around four key domains:

Digital Career Training for Sickle Cell Families: This facet is designed not only to aid individuals living with Sickle Cell but also to provide support for their families. Alaafia delivers specialized training to equip them for digital careers.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services: Alaafia offers dedicated services and resources specifically crafted for individuals with Sickle Cell disease who are also affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Sickle Cell Educational Prevention and Treatment: This aspect encompasses educational efforts on Sickle Cell prevention, treatment options and potential cures aimed at patients and their caregivers.

Advocacy for Sickle Cell Legislation: Alaafia actively advocates for transformative legislation that can significantly impact the lives of those living with Sickle Cell.

“Strength in Sickle Cell” has devised a range of programs designed to uplift both our local communities and those in developing countries. One of these programs offers digital training to assist our Sickle Cell clients in developing marketable skills, potentially leading to roles like Social Media Managers.

Furthermore, the project offers additional programs such as blogs, mentoring, provision of warm clothing, and opportunities for sponsoring Sickle Cell-afflicted children.