About Us


Alaafia is a safe space that provides empowerment, resources and support to African immigrant and Sickle Cell families or other individuals seeking services.

People can share their thoughts on issues affecting and disturbing them in our space.

Alaafia will find solutions to solve these issues in the best way possible by using various community resources.


Alaafia is a culturally specific organization that was created in 2015 by a group of African immigrants who wanted to change the lives of other immigrant families suffering from issues of Sexual/Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Sickle Cell. 

The founders want African immigrant and Sickle Cell families to have the power to voice their opinions and have a say in topics related to their well-being through storytelling and educational programs.

The name Alaafia is Yoruba, which means “Peace has Come.” 

The name is the very foundation of the organization even until this present moment. We plan to provide peace of mind through the services and resources in our organization to African immigrant and Sickle Cell families struggling in different situations.   

Alaafia is the only culturally specific organization in Wisconsin that provides Digital Career Training for its clients.  

Our Core Values 


Financial Independence 



Our Mission

Alaafia’s mission is to ensure that every African immigrant and Sickle Cell person has access to the necessary services and personal development tools within their community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to end all forms of abuse and discrimination against African immigrants and Sickle Cell families.

To enhance our vision, Alaafia has been creating online videos to promote empowerment and leadership to families.

Vision in Action

Our organization promotes gender equality and bridging the pay gap for women in any opportunity given to us.

Alaafia wants African immigrant and Sickle Cell families to be financially independent. 

We are hoping to build the most extensive network for African immigrants.

We advocate for more women to take leadership positions.

Alaafia also provides sex education to boys and girls.

We educate African immigrants about their rights and where to get help if the need arises. 

Most of all, we encourage African immigrants to do health checkups.

Alaafia values Respect. 

Our organization prides itself in respecting others’ cultures and beliefs, even if we do not partake in them. We stand by this value if no harm is caused to anyone.

Alaafia openly rebukes people who abuse or undermine women and girls.

Monetary donations are obtained to assist us with providing the appropriate events for clients.

Diversity is our top priority.

Anyone who tries to undermine what we stand for will be blocked and unable to participate in our space.

We offer sponsorship programs to girls pertaining to making apps or events for other girls.

Our Aims and Objectives 

Alaafia is dedicated to motivating families to be self-depended on a vision to transform society for the best. We are persistent in hoping for a better tomorrow.

Our Advocacy 

Furthermore, Alaafia takes pride in advocating for our clients. 

We encourage open discussions with teenagers. These discussions include the importance of education, the negative implications of early pregnancy, using birth control, and regular medical checks up.

Our advocacy programs also educate families on how technology can go a long way in changing their lives. We inform them how it can stop violence and other vices directed at people, such as cyberbullying and cyber-trafficking.


Our Prime Project

Alaafia extended program is tailored toward serving the Sickle Cell community. 

The project will hold the name Strength in Sickle Cell.  

This project will focus on four primary areas:  

Alaafia provides Digital Career Training for Sickle Cell Families. This project is tailored to assist not only individuals living with sickle cell but to the families of those living with sickle cell.

Alaafia provides domestic and sexual violence services and resources specifically tailored to individuals with sickle cell disease.

Sickle Cell Educational Prevention, Sickle Cell treatments and cures education for patients. 

Advocating for life-changing legislation for people living with Sickle Cell.

Strength in Sickle Cell has designed various programs to help encourage people in our communities as well as those in developing countries. 

We will provide a digital program to assist our Sickle Cell clients with digital career training. An example of an obtainable job would be a Social Media Manager. 

Other programs provided by this project are blogs, mentoring, buying warm gear, or sponsoring a sickle cell child.