Moment with Africans

On November 1st, 2023, Alaafia will organize its annual event, “Moment with Africans,” a celebration of African culture and traditions through networking, storytelling, and fair-trade activities. This event presents an unparalleled platform for African artists to connect, collaborate, and showcase their work while also building relationships with organizations based in the United States. The festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will feature a rich array of African foods, drinks, music, and stories, inviting Africans globally from diverse backgrounds to display their products and skills.

Interested individuals can register online for in-person participation. Alaafia is looking for talent from various African countries, including fashion designers, makeup artists, producers, directors, writers, content creators, actors, musicians, poets, bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, journalists, athletes, medical professionals, teachers, youth leaders, dancers, college students, digital media specialists, financial and IT professionals.

Selected participants will cover a cost of $2,000, which includes a week’s stay with meals, transportation, and a booth for showcasing their products and services.

The 7-day festival will showcase African excellence, creativity, and artistry, offering a unique experience of African culture in Wisconsin. It’s an ideal venue for discovering African-owned businesses, career development, and enjoying authentic African cuisine and music. This event is also a chance for community partners, sponsors, donors, and volunteers to immerse themselves in the culture that inspires Alaafia.

Alaafia, a hub for African culture in Wisconsin, aims to highlight the African immigrant experience and facilitate cultural exchange. This event will expose Wisconsin residents to rich African traditions and provide a dynamic platform for African artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals to network. Additionally, attendees can participate in workshops and presentations to gain new business skills in marketing, event planning, budgeting, and more.