Squeeze D Sickle

Squeeze D Sickle 2023

Registration for the event is available from March 1st to April 25th, closing at 11 p.m.

To enroll as a participant in this show, please visit https://form.jotform.com/230185106050139.

Squeeze D Sickle” is an event that merges entertainment with education, aiming to increase awareness about the history of Sickle Cell, recent advancements in treatments, potential cures, and everyday management tips for patients and their caregivers.

Additionally, it provides a unique platform for artists living with Sickle Cell to showcase their talents.

Our talent show, featuring a diverse array of artists living with Sickle Cell — including poets, singers, actors, painters, bloggers, presenters, and fashion designers — will engage our audience through a competitive format.

The competition is structured in stages, with participants being evaluated by both the audience and a panel of professional judges.

The top three artists who advance to the final stage will be awarded prizes.

This event aims to honor World Sickle Cell Day and provide a platform for artists with Sickle Cell to perform live in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

By blending entertainment with education, it seeks to heighten awareness of Sickle Cell.

Squeeze D Sickle 2022

To commemorate World Sickle Cell Day, Strength in Sickle Cell (SISC) is hosting a full-day event focused on raising awareness and honoring children living with Sickle Cell, along with the USA’s top ten Sickle Cell advocates.

The event will include a Q&A session where the audience can gain insights about Sickle Cell from a diverse panel, including a medical representative, an adult patient, an advocate, and a parent, all in a moderated setting.

This event aims to shed light on the risks associated with the sickle cell trait, prevention strategies, new medications, and potential cures for sickle cell disease, as well as emergency room treatment protocols.

Scheduled for June 19th, which is World Sickle Cell Day, the event will emphasize the importance of various Art therapies in managing daily pain for Sickle Cell patients.

Additionally, the event will provide a platform for patients to voice their advocacy and awareness needs.

A key focus will be on communicating to medical professionals the essential requirements of Sickle Cell, patients in emergency rooms, hospital admissions, and clinics, such as heating pads, ointments, hot baths, massages, and specific food and drink preferences.