Celebrating the Sickle Cell Heroes


A Poem For The Sickle Cell Heroes

September is unique why? it is the month of hope for people living with Sickle Cell  around the world. It is a sad time for me because I keep thinking about the Friends and Loved ones I had lost to this demon called Sickle Cell. You know what is meaning to be strong? Ask a Sickle cell Patient. There are times, I have many questions about Sickle cell and no answers, one of the questions I always ask myself is this: Is it a curse?

 We will continue to fight the good fight and overcome all power of Sickle cell.

Here is a Poem to the Sickle Cell Heroes

Today I celebrate the courageous people battling Sickle cell.

I wish the world will see how strong these heroes are.

I wish the world will celebrate these heroes than celebrities in Hollywood.

I wish there will be more laughter than crying in their lives.

 I wish they would have more joy than pain in their spirits.

 I wish they could eat more and take less medications.

 I wish they could have more fun than being  hospitalized.

 I wish they could have the voice to express themselves.

Above all I wish there could be a cure for Sickle cell.

Dedicated to Tibinta Fatmata Kamara, whom fought the Sickle cell battle so hard!

© EthLeen


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