Top 5 African Fashion Blogs in the United State

Fashion Blog
  1. Peanut Butter Trysts – in an interview with Peanut Butter Trysts, she describes her style is a little bit lazy. She states that she is laid-back but chic with it. When asked about what piece of clothing she cannot do without, she stated, “right now, it would be her fur jacket.”  What trend would she never be caught in? She stated, “The all studded everything trend, and that’s no offense to anyone doing it, I just prefer things to be simpler.” When asked where does she usually shop, she stated, “I’m not a shop snob; I shop wherever the price is right! A bit obsessed with right now, I like their shoes.” When asked what influences your style, she stated, “Comfort and practicality. I’m a really on the go kind of person, so I can’t wear heels all the time because I pretty much spring everywhere I go-even if the place is 10 minutes away and I have an hour to get there.” Who is her style muse?  “Christine Centenera, I love how relaxed and comfortable she always looks in super-luxe pieces. I’m also quite in love with leather right now, and she wears it so well.”What style advice would you give to a future Fashionista?  “Be comfortable being yourself and following your own aesthetic. Life is too short to be walking around, looking like a budget version of someone else.”

2. Fashion Blog Daily – if you want to date in the fashion industry, fashion blog daily is the place for you. Fashion Bomb Daily carries so much variety, including celebrity style, runway style, what to wear, Claire’s personal style, bloggers’ style, and street style with an African twist.

3. Faintly Masculine – The philosophy behind faintly masculine is, “In a world that celebrates a docile woman, we stand to affirm her strength. A product of strong women, we feel that we represent a majority not expressed. Our bodies speak to our power. Creatures mystified in fiction mused in the foundations of art. We Are Women. Contradictory in nature and descriptive in the flesh, we believe that we are each, and all, men, personified. That confidence that is modernly defined as masculine lends us our title.”

4. NuSophisticate – Here is its creator’s philosophy – “My name is Jillian. I’m an attorney from 9-5 and a lover of all things fashionable and fabulous 24/7. Let’s chat about ways to stay fly both on and off the clock.”

5. Tiki’s Thoughts – Not your usual fashion/style blog; “Tiki’s Thoughts delves into her daily encounters and gives insight on juicy topics that we all love to read about: Sex, dating and yes her close encounter with death.”

Take a peek at these top 5 African fashion blogs based in the U.S. make your decision on which suits you best and follow along.

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