The Five Top Issues Facing African-American Women – One Black Women’s Point of View


After much thought and consideration a black professor came up with the top five issues of concern for women in the black America today. Though there are admittedly many, the most prominent, which exist in today’s society includes the following:

Health – Black women are dying from preventable diseases, social ills and causes. The examples she gives are heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, just to name a few. Staying healthy in the black community is extremely difficult because the social scene concentrates heavily on food. Black women also suffer from a variety of issues that affect their health such as exhaustion, spiritual loss and depression due to society’s perception that African-American women are indestructible, Superwoman.

Financial Freedom – Many black women, regardless of their education and employment status, are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no chance of financial freedom.

Education – Many African-American women are earning college degrees, but there are many more black girls and women without high school diplomas. The professor also states that many who earned degrees do it in the fields of the humanities. She feels that black women need to expand their field of study to things like science, math, computer science, engineering and business. This will make a real change in the future of African-American opportunities.

Interpersonal Relationships and Communication – The professor states, she hates to fight with a black men. She feels, as every woman should, her opinion matters and should be listened to. At times her opinion might be, could be, should be and will be different from others and everyone should respect that. She also hates fighting about and with black women. She states, the majority of women do support each other, but she feels this has changed recently with the reality TV shows that show black women in a bad light. She states, “Some sisters are completely hateful and utterly disloyal to black women in general for inexplicable, bizarre, and unfathomable reasons. Since I started commenting and posting on blogs, I have been stunned at the number of black women that are ready, willing, and able to tear down other black women for just wanting to SUPPORT and EMPOWER black women!”

Pro-Black Women Leadership and Political Representation – The professor feels black women need to be in leadership and political positions. Black women need to run for office and challenge for leadership in some of these established organizations. When they run, we need to support them in any way we can. Having people in power who actually know and care about black women can only benefit us.

This is one black woman’s opinion. What is yours?



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