How You and Your Family Can Survive Poverty


This may be shocking to hear, the nation’s official poverty rate in 2013 was 14.5 percent. This means there were 45.3 million people living at below the poverty level in 2013. This is the most recent information available.

If you and your family find yourself in this situation there is a way to survive. Here are some poverty survival tips.

According to Joel John Roberts, a homeless services and housing executive, the first thing you need to consider is housing. His advice is finding one house and sharing it with family. This needs to be done until you are able to save enough money to afford your own home or a place to stay.

The next thing is food. Shopping in the supermarket is now considered a luxury. You must prepare yourself to stand in long lines at your local food bank for foods such as big blocks of cheddar cheese, dented vegetable and meat cans and expired bread from grocery stores.

When it comes to clothing, shopping in the malls is a thing of the past, at least for now. You will purchase your clothing at thrift stores such as Goodwill. Goodwill monitors the clothing that comes in and provides you with their best secondhand clothing. You will appreciate this on cold days and nights.

Going to eat is possible, but you must do it in a more humble way. This does not include a trip to McDonald’s. The choices you have in survival mode are a soup kitchen or your local faith group. This is not as bad as it sounds. This food is made with loving hands and can include things like fresh turkey, mashed potatoes and a vegetable. This will keep your stomach full and help you stay on your survival budget.

Next, you must sell your car. There is no room in your budget for gas, insurance or maintenance on your car. The public bus is much more affordable and you can think of it as having your own chauffeur for wherever you need to go.

All kids feel like they will just die if they do not have access to the Internet. They can use the Internet at your local library for free.

Being broke does not mean you can’t have fun. You can play in the park or take a stroll on the beach. It’s free.

As long as your family stays strong in faith and your love for each other you will survive this turbulent time.



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