How to boost the morale of youth


Youth is a crucial formative stage when the future is decided through the choices one makes. Young people go through numerous physical, emotional and psychological changes during this time. Often, when they fail to attain their short term goals, they get frustrated and demoralized. There are a number of strategies that people dealing with youth can use to elicit greater motivation and productivity.

Consult them before engaging them in an activity

Young people are amiable to those who recognize them. Society has the tendency to plan for young people. The youth detest it when their parents, teachers and guardians make decisions that affect the former without any consideration for their feelings. To boost their morale, ensure you consult then every time you want to come up with a program that affects them.

Involve them in implementation

Another key strategy that one can use to boost the morale of young people is to involve them when implementing any program. Countless initiatives targeted at young people fail because the term ‘youth’ is used as a gimmick while the real beneficiaries are adults. Youth have the ability and willingness to implement programs that seek to benefit them.

Listen to them and implement their ideas

Whatever ideas you have, take time to talk to the youth about the kind of improvements they desire. Listen to them and don’t just pay lip service to their demands. The best way to boost their morale is to genuinely consider their needs, feelings and ideas. If you are not doing this, expect failure in any youth program, irrespective of the level of funding.

Provide employment

Unemployment is a universal problem. The youth are the most affected sector of the society. Most of them have gone to school and acquired skills and certificates. They want to make a difference in society and in their families by finding jobs. Apart from training them on extra skills for the job market, give them jobs and their morale will increase.

Help them nurture their talents

Some young people are not after formal employment. They want to become artists, musicians, fashion icons and movie starts to name a few professions. Boost their morale by opening avenues for them. Connect them to people in respective industries. Help them access academies where they can try. You don’t have to give young people money to boost their morale.

In summary, respect young people and utilize their knowledge, talents and skills in programs meant to benefit them, and you will boost their morale.



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