This is the end of 2016, a year that was filled with numerous victories for me.

Even during the worst of times, the infinite God rife it with possibilities from above.

It was the year of achievements in my life, launching of  ethleenstories.com the great improvement on my health, the unending blessings, new ideas, peace of mind and countless support from people around me, friends, family and fans made me feel blessed.

When I reflected on 2016, firstly I look at my failures and think about my bad decisions, then I created a space on how to do better next time.

I celebrated my success stories with joy and happiness, my victories were too many to count and name.

I appreciate God for bringing me to the end of 2016 in health and strength.

Thank you to all the people that helped and assisted me in one way or the other throughout the year, especially the Strangers that showed up to help me and the kind-hearted people that went the extra miles to see me succeed.

Am sending out love to people struggling with physical and mental health issues, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse victims, people with addiction, people in war zones, families that lost their loved ones or people in any hopeless situation, be strong and  have courage to fight the good fight……..There is a light at the end of tunnel for you!

If I have hurt you in any way, please forgive me and I forgive those that hurt me too

With a new beginning and fresh start, I am full of hope and inspiration as I enter 2017.

I am looking forward new opportunities, blessings, partners, friends and grace. My Sweet Jesus guide and direct every step I take in 2017. I put You in charge of this New Year and I hand over my life plus everything concerning me to You Master Jesus.

Ethleen Stories begin this year with optimistic thought……Wishing you a 2017 of Full of Hope and Peace!



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