Mission Statement


AAFRC’s mission is to motivate African immigrant women and girls to empower themselves with online or community information and resources.

We also have a mission to ensure women and girls receive access to necessary services, education, and resources for their personal development. 

Our empowerment services include aiding vulnerable women in developing and enhancing their vocational skills. 

Our organization promotes gender equality and bridging the pay gap for women in any opportunity given to us.

We are hoping to build the most extensive network for grassroots women around the globe.

AAFRC’s advocacy programs raise awareness on ignored issues affecting women and girls.

We advocate for more women to take leadership positions.

AAFRC also provides sex education to both boys and girls.​

We educate women and girls about their rights and where to get the help they need.

Most of all, we encourage women to do health checkups.


Our vision is to end all forms of abuse and discrimination against women and girls.

AAFRC has been creating online videos to promote women’s empowerment and leadership to enhance our vision.

Vision in Action

We offer sponsorship programs to girls pertaining to making apps or events for other girls.

We collect donations to help less privileged girls.

We partner with other Agencies to organize community outreach.

Community Outreach

Counseling is provided to women in prison.

Support services are available for female victims who have encountered any form of abuse and discrimination.

Young women will have access to digital training through our community outreach.


AAFRC values Respect. Our organization prides itself on respecting others’ cultures and beliefs, even if we do not partake in them and stand by this value if no harm is caused to anyone.

Value Practices

AAFRC openly rebukes people who abuse or undermine women and girls.

Monetary donations are obtained to assist us with providing the appropriate events for clients.

Diversity is our top priority.

Anyone who tries to undermine what we stand for will be blocked from and unable to participate in our space.