Alaafia Digital Career Training Center

Motto – Empowerment is the Key

About Alaafia Digital Training Center

The primary goal of this initiative is to offer comprehensive digital career training and certification opportunities to both Sickle Cell and African immigrant families and disabled individuals. Throughout the program, our team collaborates closely with participants to identify potential job prospects, and we extend guidance and support throughout the job application process. Alaafia’s program staff members are highly skilled and experienced in implementing proactive strategies to assist clients in overcoming training-related challenges, successfully completing the program, and securing employment. They possess a demonstrated ability to tailor the curriculum and instructional methods to cater to diverse learning styles and ability levels. Our internal monitoring mechanisms enable us to make necessary program adjustments when required. Additionally, we maintain ongoing partnerships with numerous employers in Wisconsin who are committed to facilitating employment opportunities for our program participants. As a result of their journey through the program, graduates acquire the essential skills and develop the confidence needed to embark on a career in digital media, bolstered by a portfolio showcasing their talents.

About Alaafia

Alaafia serves as a safe space, offering empowerment, resources and assistance to African immigrant families, as well as those affected by Sickle Cell or any individuals in search of support services.

Within this environment, individuals are encouraged to openly express their concerns about matters that impact them, finding solace in sharing their thoughts.

Within this environment, individuals are encouraged to openly express their concerns about matters that impact them, finding solace in sharing their thoughts.

Alaafia is committed to identifying optimal solutions for these challenges by utilizing diverse community resources and striving to address issues most effectively.

Established in 2015, Alaafia is a culturally specific organization founded by a collective of African immigrants. Their shared aspiration was to positively impact the lives of fellow immigrant families grappling with challenges related to Sexual/Domestic Violence and Sickle Cell.

The founders envision a platform where African immigrant and Sickle Cell families can exercise their voices, actively participating in discussions concerning their well-being. This is achieved through the means of storytelling and educational initiatives.

The name remains the cornerstone of our organization, holding significance even in the present day. Our goal is to extend tranquility and assurance to African immigrant and Sickle Cell families facing diverse challenges, achieved through our organization’s array of services and resources.

Alaafia stands as the exclusive culturally specific organization in Wisconsin that offers Digital Career Training to its clientele.


Alaafia’s mission is to ensure that every African immigrant and Sickle Cell person has access to the necessary services and personal development tools within their community.


Our Core Values 


Financial Independence




Our vision aspires to eradicate all forms of abuse and discrimination faced by African immigrants and Sickle Cell families.

To reinforce this vision, Alaafia has diligently created online videos promoting empowerment and leadership among families.


Our Aims and Objectives 

Alaafia is dedicated to inspiring African immigrant and Sickle Cell families to achieve self-reliance, driven by a vision to create a better society. We persistently strive for a brighter tomorrow.


What We Do at Alaafia 

At Alaafia, we are dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of African immigrant families and individuals affected by Sickle Cell disease through a comprehensive range of social services, awareness initiatives, and community engagement projects.


Our Services Include

Support for Domestic Violence and Sexual Misconduct: Providing resources and assistance for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct.

Combatting Human Trafficking: Offering services and resources to support victims of human trafficking.

Healthcare and Mental Health Support: Assisting in navigating healthcare services and providing mental health support.

Sickle Cell Disease Resources: Supplying information and support for those affected by Sickle Cell disease.

Career and Personal Development: Offering mentoring and workshops to African immigrants seeking career guidance and personal growth.


Our Expert Teachers

Laneice McGee – Copyediting
Luminocity Instructor
Branden Boyd -Video Editing
Luminocity Instructor